Work in IT?, Join Unite


“Being a union member gave me the confidence to stand up for my workplace rights. The union offered me support and impartial advice that made me feel part of something greater” (Anonymous Unite member)

The employment relationship is fundamentally unbalanced in favour of employers. Standing alone, it is difficult to both assert your  rights in the workplace and to negotiate decent improvements to pay and benefits.

The IT industry has seen in recent years sustained attacks on pay rates, redundancy packages and the closure of final salary pension schemes. Increasing use of agency worker and zero hour contracts is denying many workers the protection and sustainable income they need. The conservative government has also watered down the legal requirements for Redundancy and TUPE consultations.

This is where Unite comes in

By joining Unite, ITC & Digital workers can get access to expert advice on employment matters that affect significant numbers of people in our industry such as Performance Management, TUPE, Redundancy, Flexible working and all aspects of Discrimination.

But knowing your rights is only part of the picture, to bring about positive change in your workplace, YOU need to get together with YOUR co-workers and make change happen collectively. 

Unite can help you to recruit your colleagues into the Union and get union recognition. When a union is recognised, it allows members to collectively bargain with an employer over pay rises, working hours and holidays and sometimes other topics. Recognised Unions must also be consulted over TUPE Transfers, Redundancy Programmes and certain changes to occupational pension schemes. A recognised union can also appoint health and safety representatives.



Unite members can also access IT Training courses at Discounted Prices, please see our IT Training Courses page for more information.

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