Basic Organising Training, part two

Our next branch meeting, on 21 April, will include part two of our Basic Organising Training programme. This’ll also be our first hybrid in-person/online meeting! All members welcome to attend!

Invitations will be in members’ mailboxes shortly.

Basic Organising Training

Next week’s branch meeting will be the first of two sessions of Basic Organising Training! This first session covers our rights at work, how to speak to our colleagues about the union, the union’s status in recognised and unrecognised workplaces, and more. Branch members should have the invitation in their inbox. If not, get in touch!

You say Goodlord – we say Badlord!

Reel News have produced a brilliant video that captures the background to the strike of our members at Goodlord as well as the struggles of young workers living in London during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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