Support your local picket line!

Union members everywhere are having to take strike action, often over terms and conditions but overwhelmingly over pay. The cost of living crisis is driving this. The Consumer Price Index is at over 10%, and food and drink costs have gone up 16.8% in the last year.

We want to play our part in supporting our colleagues across the labour movement. We’ve entered a strike wave during the coldest months of the year, so our branch has agreed that a branch member who attends a picket line can offer to buy hot drinks and food for pickets and the branch will reimburse them. We hope this will build links across our movement and make us all stronger.

Strike Map is a great resource to find out what industrial action is happening near you.

If any branch member would like to do this it’s important to get in touch with us in advance on Facebook, Twitter or email our branch secretary.

At our February branch meeting we’ll be discussing how this initiative has worked.


Image: Postal workers rally, 9 December 2022, by Steve Eason

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