We demand better: March and Rally June 18

Our branch members will be attending this protest on June 18. Unite is organising transport and the Trades Union Congress (TUC) has a list of coaches which anyone can book a place on. Any branch member who would like financial assistance in attending should get in touch with our branch secretary.

From the TUC website:

Working people have had enough. Everything’s going up but our wages.

Ministers partied while people died. Now they do nothing while living standards plummet and P&O lays off hundreds of workers on the spot.

It’s time for a new deal for working people. We need help with energy bills and a real pay rise for every worker.

Let’s take matters into our own hands – and get out on the streets. 

On 18 June, in London, let’s tell this government: we DEMAND better.

We demand…

  • A real pay rise for every worker – and a real living wage for all
  • Respect and security for all workers – ban zero hours contracts, ban fire and rehire, decent sick pay now
  • End racism at work
  • Tax energy profits to pay our bills
  • Raise universal credit
  • Boost union bargaining rights now

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